The Vault: Columns by sandy feet

bullitDon't Ask About My Bikini Line (5/04) - but the rest of me is definitely ready for summer

bullitGray is Okay (2/03) - No I am NOT going to color my hair, thank you very much

bullitAsk sandy 1/03 - what do spring breakers _really want and the perils of giving up cigarettes

bullitLookin' For Love (in all the Right Places) 1/20/03 - this dog is just too darn cute

bullitAsk sandy 1102 - the case of the missing sand castle event... get your google giggles here!

bullitShark! (11/02) - It's not cute, and it's not cuddly, but someone needs to defend the poor guy

bullit15 Years of Fun! (9/02) - Looking back on Sand Castle Days past

bullitCall Da Geek (9/02) - Report from the front lines on the spam wars

bullitAsk sandy 0802 - Surfcam O surfcam where art thou?

bullitCelebration of Water (7/29/02 - An illustrated review of the Boogie Bahn show at Schlitterbahn

bullitAsk sandy 0702 - What could happen to you if you sponsor sand castle days and a couple of hot tips

bullitBahamas Revisited PT. 1 (7/16/02) - What to do when it all falls down...

bullitFamily Values on the Sand Pile (7/1/02) - Tempers flare at vacation time

bullitRaising a Red Flag (6/24/02) - warning flags revisited - some people just don't get it...

bullitMud Balls (6/11/02) - They're doing it in Japan - why not SPI?

bullitask sandy 0602 - warning flag suggestions... finding an SPI room on just got easier

bullitKeeping the Beaches Safe for Democracy (06/02) - Has this security thing gone too far?

bullitask sandy 0502b - I did NOT send you that "powful" tool... and sand castle news!

bullitSummer People (05/02) - who are they, anyway?

bullitNaughty Chato (05/02) - Review of the new bongodogs CD

bullitask sandy 0502 - The annual litter question... again -- sand sculpture news

bullitask sandy 0402 - your Regis questions answered... my take on the New Yorker SPI spring break article

bullitThe Back Porch Connection - careful what you flush!

bullitask sandy 0302 - spring break going down hill?... making the world safer for roller bladers

bullitSpring Break FAQ 0202

bullitWe know the Drill - Oil on the Island? Which end? LIVE with Regis and Kelly and feet!

bullitask sandy 0202 - causeway lights followup, plaintive spring break plea

bullitask sandy 0102c - causeway lights... feet's playboy connection... vacationing in the RGV

bullitMayor Feet? - no thanks!

bullitask sandy 01/02b - Isle-ditter-Dog Training Tips and and another from the FAQ files

bullitWinter Texans - they're not so bad!

bullitask sandy 01/02 - Holiday FAQ's... the introduction of spring break newsletter...still seeking babysitters

bullitConsider the Humble Marquee - what secret messages they may hold...

bullit ask sandy 12/01 - "sandy asks" - you send answers and win valuable prizes!

bullit the garth report - Of course I was there!

bullit ask sandy 11/01 - a modest proposal for diminishing car ferry headaches and a mama-like response to the first stupid spring breaker question of the season

bullitWelcome to Brigadoon - pelicans, coyotes and morning glories take back the island!

bullitIncoming! Master Sculptors Headed to SPI!

bullitSand Castle Days FAQ - Educate yourself here!

bullitTesting the Valdez Search Theory - Is it true that if you stay long enough in one place, everything you need will come to you? Good time to test that...

bullitIsland Survivors Message Board - I have issues.... see 'em here

bullitask sandy 9/01 - Bridge Down!

bullit 9/11/01 - The day I was supposed to fly home from the World Championships in Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia. The day everything changed.

bullitThe Quebec Report - Naked women rule!

bullitCarving Sand in Corn Country 8/01 - Progress report and photos from the pile

bullitask sandy 8/01 - Tropical Storm Barely and how to succeed on SPI

bullitIsland Infestation - SirCam Comes to South Padre

bullitThe Fly On the Wall - Wouldn't you love to know what people are saying about you...? (Well, maybe.... or maybe not.)

bullitask sandy 7/01 - Sea Turtle nest found on Boca Chica - the Navy bombed in Puerto Rico, why not move to Padre?

bullitThe Hampton Beach, NH Report 6/01 - and the latest on SPI Sand Castle Days

bullitGuerilla Sand Sculpture on North Padre Island 6/01

bullitask sandy 5/01b - the Gift of Sargassum - we're talking major weed here and it's not the kind you smoke

bullitask sandy 5/01 - Kelly's happy hour think tank explores paths to Island Tycoonship

bullitask sandy 4/01b - some suggestions on how to become a local during an extended spi visit

bullitask sandy 4/01 - Join me as I irrationally exuberate in the sand...

bullitask sandy 2/01b - I will be breaking my spring in China - read all about it!

bullitask sandy 2/01a - Protect Thyself, Mi Amore!

bullitask sandy 1/01 - spring break nonsense, beach renourishment , Cancun vs. SPI

bullitask sandy 11/00 - dog stuff (races, sitters, etc.)

bullitask sandy 7/00b - The SPI No-Tie: is it a sham? and the scenic "Lemming Walk" explained

bullitask sandy 7/00a - The very latest on SPI Sand Castle Days 2000 -- SPONSOR ME!!!

bullitask sandy 6/00 - "Return of the Ballis" - vengeful re-po clan on the warpath? the Readers Digest version of my Belgium trip

bullitask the webwiz 5/00 - public net access, SPI area dial-up accounts and more weather predictions

bullitask sandy 4/00b - take your sandsculpting skills to a new level - "Rad Forms" for the masses!

bullitask sandy 4/00 - sandy feet's Xlitla Report

bullitask sandy 3/00 - spring break fallout and the sandy feet/Lands End Connection

bullitask sandy 1/00 - confessions of a sand smuggler and do you need a passport to come to spi?

bullitask sandy 12/99 - will spi toilets flush on Jan. 1; the sound of collapsing sand castles

bullitask sandy 11/99 - How to stay connected while visiting SPI; Why Macs are better than the alternatives; babysitters needed!

bullitask sandy 10/99 - Isle-Ditter-Dog Races: Wags shares his winning tips -- and an on-line SPI locals directory is being built

bullitask sandy 9/99 - How to win at Sand Castle Days '99

bullitask sandy 8/99 - Sweet Potato Pie on SPI? Sand Castle Days Update and a pathetic plea for contest sponsorship

bullitask sandy 7/99 - "Where's the Party?" SPI millennium fever and the unlitter campaign revisited

bullitask sandy 6/99 - "sandy asks" -- some things I have learned traveling in Italy by myself...

bullitask sandy 5/99 - important men's swimwear question: are speedos "gross"? And how to protect the kiddies from summer revelers on SPI

bullitask sandy 4/99 - nothing to do on South Padre Island and the latest on SPI Sand Castle Days - "the event that refused to die"

bullitask sandy 3/99 - spring break: is it worth the pain? and a brief description of what I am looking for in the way of a baggage handler while in Italy this summer

bullitask sandy 2/99 - taking a peek at the 1999 spring break message boards -- scaaarrryy!

bullitask sandy 1/99 - a few new year's predictions (snicker snicker)

bullitask sandy 12/98 - the new end of the road sand dune and the lowdown on my NEW SPI site

bullitask sandy 11/98 - For our Winter Texan friends - what's changed on the island since the last time you were here

bullitask sandy 10/98 - SCDays recap - Visiting with the Turtle Lady on the event of her 94th birthday

bullitask sandy 8/98 - What the heck is a palapa bar? And the skinny on sandcastle days '98

bullitask sandy 5/98 - fireworks snafus and an intvitation to travel to Europe with sandy feet

bullitask sandy4/98 - sandy feet defend South Padre Island against recent attacks in the Valley Morning Star

bullitask sandy 3/98 - this month feet wears her web-wiz hat and answers your questions about establishing an effective web-presence

bullitAsk Feet 2/98 - Some juicy tidbits from the SPI spring break message board addressed in the usual foot-in-cheek fashion...

bullitAsk Feet 1/98 - NO MORE WEATHER QUESTIONS and the possibilities of an SoB Valentines castle in '98

bullitAsk Feet 12/97 - sandy feet addresses the most commonly asked spi questions - once and for all!

bullitAsk Feet 11/97 - the first "Island style" Thanksgiving, looking for Del Flavin and a plea for assistance from the Port Isabel Historical Museum

Ask Feet 10/97 - is the red tide a commie plot? searching for dog-friendly accommodations on spi and more modern-day pioneers

Ask Feet 9/97 - A brief, illustrated account of my experience on the San Diego World Record sand sculpture

Ask Feet 8/97 - the island's origin, the return of spring breaker alumni, world records and world championships

Ask Feet 7/97 -SPI's Clothing Optional Beaches revisited plus an upcoming contest in MN of all places

Ask Feet 6/97 - old married ladies in thong bikinis; sandcastle days '97 and answers to all those questions you have wanted to ask the SOBs about the Best Buy Ad but were too polite to ask

Ask Feet 5/97 - feet's abridged generic list of things you must do to get the Full SPI Peak Season Experience and monsters of the deep

Ask Feet 4/97 - seagull harrassment! scans of actual spi shells! plus a voice from feet's past ---

Ask Feet 2/97 - "What's All This I Hear About Speech Refurbishment?" Read sandy feet's take on the BEACH RENOURISHMENT Project 

Ask Feet 1/97 Turtle Lady Blues - plus highlights of the Toby Beau White Elephant Christmas Party

Ask Feet 12/96 Nude sunbathing north of town and the winter forecast

Ask Feet 11/96 "Pumpin' Sand" - the sandy feet fitness program AND a dubious theory connecting Joe Buck's beard and the recent rash of natural disasters on SPI...

Ask Feet 10/96 Coming Down from the World Championship Hi's and a 1996 Sandcastle Days Challenge from the SPI Brewing Company...

Ask Feet 9/96 Tis the season to be S.A.D. - but we got the cure for the seasonal blues...

Ask Feet 8/96 Take the pledge -- again! Some discourse on music to watch fireworks by and the case of the missing stratocaster - plus some cool local fishing links

Ask Feet 7/96 Top 10 Island bartenders (IMHO) and the search for missing pirates

Ask Feet 6/96 Some swimsuit chat, an update on the new edition of the SoB Sandcastle Book and info on surfing the net to some cool virtual beach parties (plus a rare shot of sandy feet in a swimsuit!)

Ask Feet 5/96 (dealing with the wind, getting busted for illegal hairwrapping, the web is everywhere!)

Ask Feet 4/96 (beach glass, Singapore sand sculptor, beach abuse)

Island Times 3/96 Spring Break Lists

Ask Feet 3/96 (spring break stuff)

Island Times 2/96 (we love Winter Texans!)

Ask Feet 2/96 (kites and beauty pageants)

Island Times 1/96 (cold, snow, miserable yankees, surfing the net)

Ask Feet 1/96 (suicidal pelicans, big band music as an aphrodisiac?)

Ask Feet 11/24/95 (SOBRadio, SC Club, etc.)

Island Times 12/95 (my Christmas list) ask sandy 11/00 - dog tales, races and other canine capers ask sandy 1/01 - speech refurbishment revisted -- lower drinking ages on spi? -- need a roomy with bad credit?

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