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Q. I'm a visitor from Canada, brought here by my passion for windsurfing. I love this area, but can't get over how much trash there is laying around. Don't the people who live and play here care about their surroundings?

This question comes across my desk on a regular basis, and I am guessing that the people who actually read my columns are more than likely not the ones that are throwing their garbage around and in fact are probably "unlitterers" who make a habit of picking up trash wherever they see it. The question of course is how to reach the people causing the problem…?

We would probably only have to sentence one or two of them to death by dismemberment to make a point -- but I guess that would be a bit extreme.

I understand that the "no glass on the beach" law is now being actively enforced and tickets are being issued to offenders. That is a good start and I for one am happy to see the code enforcers out on the beach doing their job. I still think that our best weapon to use against people who trash our beaches and streets is good old-fashioned shame. There is no need to become ugly or confrontational - it is pretty easy to embarrass even the most loutish of oafs by setting the good example. Pick up their trash and carry it to the can while they are still there --perhaps while casting a meaningful look in their direction. You don't have to say a word.

Of course, it goes without saying that the only thing you should leave behind you on the beach is a sand castle. Which leads me to yet another topic that is near and dear to my heart ---

Sand Sculpture News

* My phone has been ringing off the hook! Editors from major publications working on their summer issues seem to zooming in on the humble art of sand castle building this year. Redbook, American Way, and Martha Stewart's Living magazines will all be featuring one of my pet projects - sandcastlecentral.com - in their July editions. Be sure and watch for them!

* The Sons of the Beach Sand Castle Wizards will once again be offering incredibly cheap (just $10/person!) sand castle lessons at Boomerang Billy's and Wanna Wanna beach bars this summer, starting Memorial Day Weekend. Watch for our ads in this fine publication or visit sonsofthebeach.com for the new schedule.

* The SoBs will also be entertaining people in foreign lands this summer: Amazin' Walter is working on a big project in Belgium in June, while I will be working on yet another big sculpture in Germany this July. We will both be passing out SPI hat pins by the dozens and singing the praises of our home beach every chance we get. Stay tuned for our reports….

* Finally - the 15th Annual "SPI Sand Castle Days" contest and exhibition is scheduled for Oct. 17-20, 2002. This event keeps getting better so make sure you plan be here for it. We would love to see more local folks out there pushing up sand, and it is not too early to start practicing. Contest updates can be viewed at sandcastledays.com.

See you on the beach!

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