Hey Sandy,

You probably don't remember me, but I met you last summer.

Some buddies and I are coming down June 1-8 and we are looking for some cool (stuff) to do. So why don't you give me some of the local's secrets. We're hoping to have one (heck) of a time, as usual. Please e-mail me back!


Of course I remember you! You are one of those... people I met last summer!

Since you have given me no clue as to your age, gender or interests, I will give you my abridged generic list of things you must do to get the full SPI experience:



Dear Ms. feet,

I'm a college student in Wisconsin and I live, work, and surf on the Island during the summer. Tourists often ask me if there are sharks in the water. I always tell them that the sharks are everpresent but they never bother people. I also tell them that the most dangerous animal in the Gulf (at least for them) is the Portuguese Man of War. Do you know if there is any History of shark attacks on South Padre or Boca Chica Beach? Has anyone ever died on Padre after being stung by a man of war?

On a related topic, I think that a great tourism booster for the Island would be for it to have its own monster - like the Loch Ness. THE LAGUNA MADRE MONSTER! Just think, we could have our own X-files episode, Madre Monster gift shops, and the dive shop could offer Monster Watch cruises for 30 bucks a pop. The T-shirt shops would have to get their piece, too. I'm sure they would offer tasteful fashions such as Big Johnson's Monster shirts, and Coed Naked Laguna Madre Monster Watching club T's. Waddaya think?

-via the internet


I think you may have gotten whacked in the noodle one too many times by your surfboard.... (just kidding.)

Death by sea creature? Not in the 17 years that I have been here. I do recall one incident where a girl had a run-in with either a shark or a barracuda. The spinmasters in the newsroom claimed she had "accidently stuck her foot in the creature's mouth." (I know, how rude of her!)

Laguna Madre Monster? Heck of an idea. Monster Mash Pilsner at the Brew Pub. Scampi's could change their slogan to, "The monster mixes at Scampi's!" and it would just be a matter of time before items such as "monster fajitas" and "monster ceviche" start showing up on local restaurant menus.The creature would probably need a press agent and its own web page as well....

Hmmm, let me know what it looks like -- should you ever see it, okay?

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