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Dear Sandy-
We just got back from spring break and your island is awesome -- not only could we let loose but we could also relax at times, which made our vacation the best! I want to come back in about five years to see how the island has developed, it seems to have a promising future. I want to once again thank you for your help before the trip and wish you well.

- mk

And thank YOU for brightening my day.
It is so easy to remember the bad things about spring break: the causeway chaos, the near-riot at the Rad when the power went out; bared breasts on parade (I know, not everyone has a problem with that one) and the mountains of trash left behind. It is too easy to forget that the vast majority of kids who come down here for the month-long party mostly behave themselves, have a great time and go home to tell all their friends how fun and friendly South Padre Island really is.
We must not lose sight of the fact that these kids are poised on the edge of adulthood - in just a couple of years they will more than likely have good jobs, families of their own and fond memories of a lovely little beachside resort that welcomed them when they were young and foolish -- and will most certainly welcome them back when they are older and wiser.

Hello My name is Mitch. I was on Spring Break in South Padre the week of March 4-11. On wednesday my friends and I were in a hot body contest at Tequila Frogs. Some guy took some very dirty pictures of my friends and I. He told us to check out our naked bodies at SPIonline.com.

Mitch my friend - I hate to tell you this, but you have been had.
No one but me uploads anything to SPIonline and I have zero interest in posting dirty pictures of you or anyone else. Based on your letter I cannot guess whether this news will cause you relief or disappointment, but either way I am sure this is a story you will want to share with your grandkids some day...

Dear Ms. Feet,

I was walking down the beach a day last month and spotted you building one of your really cool sand castles while Amazin' Walter clicked away vast amounts of film. This looked like something pretty serious... can we expect to see a spread in an upcoming issue of People Magazine or something?


Well, you're close...
That particular photo shoot was for the summer 2000 edition of the Lands' End Kids Catalogue, which I think is way cooler than People.
Every year this catalogue features editorial content that the clothing company thinks may be of interest to their customers. Last Feb. the catalogue's editor ran across the Sons of the Beach Sand Castle Wizards' web-site and decided I would be a good subject for this year's edition. They had planned to interview me as well as run the photos you saw Amazin' shooting, but after seeing samples of my writing on my web-site, they decided to let me write the copy myself -- giving me the honor of becoming the catalogue's very first guest writer.
So when that catalogue arrives in your mailbox on or around May 1st, I hope you will look for my picture, read what I have to say about sand and creativity, order a bunch of clothes (mentioning how much you enjoyed the entertaining and informative feature article somewhere on the order form), then pass on your copy to some poor, deprived soul who has not managed to make the Lands' End mailing list...
... er, like me.

Feet's Totally Non-Scientific Just For Fun Net Poll Results: The last poll is still getting such a good response that I see no reason to close it down. So, in the ongoing "most popular bartender" poll we have a new leader: Irma at Dolphin Cove pulls into first place with 192 votes (36%); Tony from Black Marlin breathing down her neck with 31% of the vote and Coconut's Howie and Kelly's Kelly duking it out for third. You can still cast a vote for your favorite drink pourer at SPIonline.com.

Sandy Asks: At long last -- a brand new poll! How many of you locals-who-ought-to-know-better got caught in the scenic loop to Charlie's route during Texas week? Yeah, well me too. I want to hear what you thought about the new traffic control plan. Express yourself today at http://spionline.com/polls.html.

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