Dear sandy,

I was on Padre Island last winter and I loved it, the only problem was that I threw a sea shell into the air and hit a sea gull. I feel really bad about this and I would very much like it if someone would go out and throw the birds some food. Also I left a whole bag of sea shells there that I had collected. Would you please send me a picture of a sea shell so that I can still have something of a souvenir!? Thanks! I would really appreciate it if you did this for me.

thanks again,

Ms. Smily 14 (via the internet) 

Dear Ms. Smily,

Thank you for 'fessing up and providing me with a good cautionary tale. (Children: see what can happen when you casually throw shells around? This poor woman will have to live with her guilt the rest of her life!)

As for your shell request: I went through my sizable collection (who knows, maybe some are from the bag you left behind) and found a very pretty shell, threw it on the scanner and attached it to an e-mail. As I was pushing the key to send the message, I glanced out my window and noticed a flock of seagulls sitting in my front yard staring intently at me... and two minutes later the message bounced right back saying you didn't exist.

Mere coincidence? I can't say, but should you ever decide to pay us another visit, you might consider packing a healthy selection of protective headgear....

Dear Sandy,

When I was a teenager growing up in the RGV (late 1960's early 1970's), there was a guy that used to hang out near the jetty's parking lot and throw a boomerang. It seemed like he was always there. We called him "Boomerang Billy." Is he still hanging around and throwing that boomerang?



Long-lost Valley Guy


Greetings, LLValley Guy,

The gentleman to whom you are referring was actually known as Billy Boomerang - in addition to designing and throwing boomerangs he created some lovely shark's tooth jewelry. He was a very... unusual character. He died from cancer several years ago, though his legend lives on.

The name confusion probably springs from the fact that there is a bar at the Surf Motel named "Boomerang Billy's." If I am not mistaken, they have some of his boomerangs on display there but otherwise have no connection with the man or the legend.


Dear "sandy",

So I'm sitting at home watching the news and up pops your face in a Best Buy ad and I shout out to my wife, "There's Cindy, my college girl friend!" She was not amused. Congrats on your fifteen minutes of fame, or should I say thirty seconds. I hope the exposure helps your business grow.

"John Doe", via the internet


So Terry the makeup lady is preparing to do her thing, and I tell her, "Make me look good enough so that all my ex-boyfriends will think I've aged gracefully - but not SO good that they won't recognize me!" I guess she was at least partially successful...

Actually, from the many responses we've gotten so far, I would have to say that the Best Buy TV ad featuring Amazin' Walter and myself makes us - and the Island - look very good indeed.

The Sons of the Beach would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in town who helped out during the filming of the ad, including Gary & Belinda at the Surf Motel, Sisters' Trading Co., Rovan's, Kathy at SeaBreeze, Cactus Flower, the SPI Dept. of Public Works, (for the great "Sneak Preview" Reception) and anyone else I may have forgotten. The Best Buy crew members were totally amazed at how helpful everyone was and several have stated they plan to come back here during their vacations.

As for you, "John Doe," thanks for taking the time to write.... and for refraining from mentioning the wrinkles, gray hairs and unsightly pounds that have accumulated since those good old days at Moo U. Don't want to cause any problems on the domestic front -- but it was nice hearing from you again.

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