Dear Sandy,

I'm an old geezer and a sun freak. I often sit in the dunes some five miles north of access #4 (I suspect strangers looking for #4 think they've gone by it when they get to #5) and work on my all-over tan--I take a few beers, a book or the NY Times crossword, watch the geckos inspect my feet and let the earth rotate without my help or hindrance. I'm usually alone since my wife is allergic to the sun. My question is, do you think I run any risk of being hassled by a ranger or other law enforcement type.

Sign me YOT (That's Young Old-Timer)

Dear YOT,

I'm a little confused here: who exactly is inspecting your feet -- you or the Geckos? and what do these inspections reveal?

I consulted my favorite legal expert and he knew of no specific law your nude sunbathing excursions might be breaking. He pointed out that the state obscenity laws are aimed at those who have the intent to arouse and or gratify sexual attention and since no one is likely to find that sort of intent in some self-described "old geezer" who is busy inspecting his feet -- I really don't think you have anything to worry about.

Furthermore, based on my own personal experience, I would have to say that many old geezers have frolicked naked on the beach north of town -- I was married to one of them -- without interference from our local constabulary.

If I were you, I would be more concerned about being run over by some crazy kid in a dune buggy.


I'm thinking of visiting South Padre Island between Christmas and New Years. What's the weather like there at that time? Are there events happening during that time or is the resort area dead that time of year? Last year we visited Hiltonhead over Christmas break and the place was practically empty -- is South Padre Island like that too? Is the real action only over spring break and during the summer?

-via the internet


Please Help!

We are looking forward to spending a week in South Padre Island in February and would like to know what kind of weather we can expect.


-via the internet


So, basically you are both asking for the winter forecast? Okay, let me peer into my crystal ball here a minute....

Yes, it looks like we have a 100% chance of weather over the next three months. I see the first major Winter Texan front arriving any day now, with an even stronger front coming through right after the holidays. A good chance for sprinklings of students on break, possibly leading to heavy showers of same - plus some scattered families - if the sun shines.

In keeping with the festive nature of the season, I see a flurry of local party opportunities, regardless of the weather -- though cool, damp conditions could conceivably make those parties more difficult to locate. Expect something of a clearing trend in Jan/Feb, though a large portion of that last Winter Texan front will hang around the area until it gets pushed back north by an incoming wave of boom boxes, beer kegs and higher room rates.

So there you have it. Make your plans accordingly.



My plan? Cybernate!

For those who prefer a more scientific approach to the weather question, you can surf to the SERVICE24 Weather Page - where you will find a nifty little table containing the average daily hi and low temps and inches of rain - broken down by month - over the last several years, courtesy of your friends at Service24 Condo Rentals. Just tables of numbers, of course -- you'll have to draw your own conclusions.

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