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More Sand Sculpture Contests - Near and Fah

Well, I am back from yet another contest on yet another beach - this time in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. While my piece - "Fountain" - failed to place in the money, it is still a good thing I went because those people up there sure could use some education.
There I am, toiling away in the cold wind and rain under my brand spanking new Lone Star flag,fountain and flag and this is what I heard --
"Are you from Chile?"
"Is that the Puerto Rican flag?"
Over and over. And that's not the worst of it. When I was called up to the stage during the awards ceremony for my introduction, event organizer Greg Grady says "Please welcome sandy feet, from Port Aransas, Texas!"
Those New Englanders think they are pretty smart, fitting about 3 states into an area the size of Texas' Grande Valley, but I am thinking the New Hampshire state motto should be modified thusly: "Live Free (from studying geography) or Die."

In spite of the collective inability to recognize the Texas flag as well as a disturbing tendency to drop r's from words that need them, only to have them pop up where they don't belong (as in "I have an idear -- let's get in the cah and go to the bah!") - I liked "New Hampshah" and the people I met there. The state doesn't have much coastline (about 20 miles worth, I think) and so they have packed a lot of fun stuff into a small (by Texas standards) area -- the streets, boardwalk and beaches were dense with folks enjoying themselves the first week of the season. It was a fun contest. I liked what I created (see more photos, and those of my competitors, at www.sandyfeet.com) and will gladly return for the 2nd Annual if they will have me.

Speaking of sand sculpture contests -- the South Padre Island Sand Castle Days committee held its first meeting last week to start working on the 14th annual -- scheduled for Oct. 19-20, 2001, Boomerang Billy's at the Surf Motel. We hope all of you fine folks in town for the holiday will remember that SPI rocks in October: water temperatures stay high while room rates plummet. Roar by the Shore brings in all those big bikes and then we get treated to one of the finest exhibitions of sand art on the Gulf Coast.
As in years past, there will be cash prizes in all the open categories and world class sculpture from all over the planet in the masters category. The "San Marcos Suns" have vowed to be here in full force and once again the Island's own Sons of the Beach will create a large demo sculpture. The SPI Visitors and Convention Bureau is the event's big sponsor, but as always more funds are needed to keep attracting the best sculptors. No check is too large - contact Amazin' Walter or Big Wave Dave at 761-5943 to learn more about our attractive sponsorship packages.Find contest updates on the web at http://www.sandcastledays.com/

I will be competing in the masters category at the event again this year. Some of you may recall that I walked away with the People's Choice award last year for my entry, sponsored by Kelly's Irish Pub, entitled "Touch Down!" I am once again entertaining sponsorship offers and if you think your business or message could be tastefully rendered in sand and you don't mind lots of people taking pictures of it and showing them off to everyone they know, then drop me an e-mail and we'll talk.

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