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Dear sandy,
Sand Castle Days '01 was great! Seems like there were a lot of people there even with the bridge being down (nice broken bridge sculpture, BTW) but I heard a lot of grumbling about the vehicle ferry and the long waits involved. Seems like TXDOT could come up with a more efficient plan for getting cars over here, don't you think?

We Americans do love our cars, don't we? In spite of the fact that local officials have made it easier than ever to get around on this little ol' island without one, it seems like an awful lot of people would rather sit and fume in long lines rather than leave the family SUV behind and take the passenger ferry over.

I do agree that a more efficient system could have been implemented from the get-go. One of our esteemed aldermen mentioned that at one time they were looking into a valet system, where you would leave your car and keys with a ferry attendant, take the passenger ferry over, then take a shuttle over to pick up your car when it got to the other side. He added, "But they will never do that, because it makes too much sense."

I was sorry to see him proved right.

What I would really love to see is this: Strategically aim webcams at both landings, so that anyone with internet access could see just what kind of wait they were looking at before they ever left for the landing. It wouldn't really even have to be a camera, it could be some guy at the landing with a cell phone calling someone else with access to a web server with the message "Hey, there are only 3 cars in line right now!" and the web server guy could post that info on a web-site. In fact, I would be happy to function as that web-guy, and you know why? Because that site would get a WHOLE LOT OF TRAFFIC and I could sell advertisers banner ads for big bucks and wouldn't have to worry about making my mortgage payment next month....

Well. Regardless of who does it, it would be making effective and innovative use of technology that is already out there and could even earn the Island some good press - not to mention good will with the people who really could use that information while we are all waiting for Santa Clause to drop off that bridge span we asked for.

How old do you have to be to get into the FUN clubs in SPI? I am only 20 but I want to have fun and get obliterated every night! We are thinking about going during college spring break but if we can't drink without the risk of going to jail then We don't know....

(Um.... Any chance we could slow down the bridge repair thing until.... oh, mid-April or so???
Just kidding.)

The great state of Texas, in its infinite wisdom, has determined that you are not yet old enough to consume alcohol safely and responsibly -- and your message would seem to lend support to that stance. If you decide to inbibe anyway, there is the distinct possibility that you will wind up in jail (or worse) -- especially if you are determined to drink to the point of obliteration. You can of course go to someplace like Cancun where you are already old enough to drink legally, but getting obliterated is just never a good idea and is in fact an astoundingly bad one when you are in a foreign country surrounded by people all too eager to take advantage of a drunk co-ed.

Realistically, we know that you don't come here to drink Coke and hold hands. Lots of you come here, drink yourselves silly and suffer nothing worse than an (illegal) hangover. But there are untold others who have had to call their parents for bail, who have a blot on their records that will prevent them from getting the job they want, or had to be pried from --
Let's not go there.

In fact, let me just go ahead and answer your question:
Eighteen and older will get you into the FUN clubs.... but you will not be able to consume alcohol in them.

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