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updated 11/20/12

Little Sandy Things make good Christmas presents! feetyang bullitHere are some time-lapse sandcastle videos feetyang bullitNow you can book a lesson at feetyang bullitAdded a bunch more contest sculpture links on my photo index page .... yay feetyang bullit Stay with me on South Padre: The place is huge and unlike anything else you can rent on SPI -- See what is happening at the SandBox Inn of South Padre Island. feetyang bullitWhat is zero carbon footprint advertising? Find out at feetyang bullitSee where I am going to be and when by visiting my online travel calendar feetyang bullit If you really want to know what is new - you need to follow me on twitter or visit my being sandy feet blog. And I also have a moblog thingy that uploads photos directly from my cellphone camera to the web, so you can see pretty much what I am seeing as I am seeing it (if you are interested in that kind of thing...) feetyang bullitMy book "Sandcastles Made Simple" (available at the SoB Shop and everywhere else books are sold) is now available in the more-affordable soft-cover version

Sand sculpture and Time-lapse photography were made for each other
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