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Dear Sandy,

I hear you and Amazin' Walter are doing a live, weekly radio show these days. Would you be so kind as to fill us in on the particulars?

With pleasure!

SOB Radio, which airs every Sunday at 6 pm on KZSP (95.3 FM) has turned out to be one of the most enjoyable projects Amazin' and I have ever launched together. It is a very loose, informal hour of local music and chitchat that gives us plenty of room to have fun and - we hope - help others have fun, too.

Since our first show last spring we have explored the wide variety of musical talent the Island has to offer, which so far has included jazz, blues, rock, Cajun, homegrown folk, steel drums and classical guitar. We sometimes perform our own original brand of Texas Beach Music, and spice it all up with a little Island-style gossip and fresh sandy feet commentary I call "The Weekly Whine."

We have recently picked up a sponsor - Le Deli Jazz and Blues Cafe - and might be expanding to two hours in the very near future. It's a lot of fun, and we would be delighted to showcase any of our Winter Texan musician friends while they are here as well. (See below on how to contact us.)


Dear Sandy Feet,

I know there was a new category added to Sand Castle Days competition this year, but somehow I missed out on the final results. Who won the Texas State Championship?


So glad you asked. I am proud to be able to inform you that two locals - our very own Adelaide Bennett (aka "Sunny Daze") and Tom Peterson - have claimed the top amateur spot in the growing world of Texas sand sculpture. They had some very tough competition, but their piece, "Big Foot" was a real crowd ( and judge) pleaser. Be sure to congratulate them at the first available opportunity!


Dear Ms. Feet,

We're on our way back down to SPI and we so enjoy seeing your castles. Do you have any regular gigs lined up for the winter?


The possibility is there - but at the moment your best bet is Sand Castle Club. Every Sunday (weather permitting) at noon, you will find me on the beach at Boomerang Billy's (at the Surf Motel) building for fun and offering free instruction for anyone interested in learning how to build a better sand castle. Spectators are of course welcome, but my personal feeling is that life is too short to spend it standing on the sidelines watching someone else have all the fun -- best to jump right in and get some on you. I provide all the necessary tools so all you need to bring is the right attitude.


Dear Sandy Feet,

A friend of mine sent me the enclosed clipping from the Sept. 24, 1995 edition of the Houston Chronicle Texas Magazine. As you can see, it is a picture of Amazin' Walter - wearing some pretty funky shades - carving a sand castle. The caption reads, "Prepare for a sand-castle building boom on South Padre Island."

So does someone in Houston know something we don't? How do I best prepare for this "boom" and do you know where I can get a pair of shades like that?


Amazin' and I have been scratching our heads over that one ever since you brought it to our attention. It's an ancient picture - 8 to 10 years old I'd guess - and without the context of the article with which it appeared, we can only guess it was a column related to the recent Sand Castle Days competition.

We have, without a doubt, put all our eggs into the hope-there's-a-boom-in-sandcastling basket, so I'd have to say this looks like good news. The best way to prepare for it, of course, is to make sure you and your loved ones are up on all the latest building and carving techniques. This may be easily and cheaply accomplished by attending and participating in the aforementioned meetings of the SPI Sand Castle Club.

As for the shades - you may be in luck. Amazin' Walter hardly ever throws anything away -- give him a call.


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