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Lookin' For love in All the Right Places
by sandy feet

It's not easy being the companion of a really personable, good-looking dog. You can't hardly take a quiet, contemplative walk on the beach, because people always want to stop and chat. "What kind of dog is that?" they ask. Well, that dog is a mutt, but that's not a very good answer. So now when someone asks I just say, "A cute one." Let's call a spade a spade. In fact, he is actually a lot cuter than me, which is so totally not fairwags.

Wags is his name, but sometimes I call him "Mr. Personality." He doesn't have to work at getting people, to like him... they just do. He doesn't have to feign interest in their boring stories or tell them an unflattering outfit looks nice. He knows how to cut through the B.S. - "Did you come to play squeaky with me or not? If you aren't going to play squeaky, then we have nothing further to discuss." You'd think folks might find that insulting, but instead they eat it up..."Oh, look! He wants to play! Isn't that cute...?"

And when I date a guy, I don't know if it's me he is really interested in, or if he is just using me to get to spend more time with my dog. I could be building a really cool sand castle and some good-looking guy would walk up and say, "Nice castle... say, what kind of dog is that?" I am really dreading the day when Wags' web-site gets more hits than mine does -- I know it is just a matter of time.

Over the past four years this dog has brought home four humungous ribbons (2 blue, 2 red) from Isle-Ditter-Dog (IDD) - the Laguna Madre Humane Society's big winter fund raiser. I was kinda relieved to hear that there will not be a race at this year's event - we are running out of room to display all of his awards and I am already tired of explaining to visitors why his trophy shelf is more impressive than mine.

Wags - along with his shyer, more retiring sister, Phoebe the border collie (herself a former resident of the PI animal shelter) - will be available for pets from his adoring public at this year's event, scheduled for this Sat., 10 AM - 2 PM at Louie's. They are going to sniff what needs sniffing, get their picture taken with King Neptune, maybe even march in the Pooch Parade if Phoebe is feeling up to it. We will post a photo of the dearly departed (but never forgotten) "Dune Dog" on Schroeder's Wall - another new addition to this year's IDD. It is without a doubt the social event of the season if you are four-legged and furry, and maybe even if you're not --

I met a this really nice guy named Fred at Isle-Ditter-Dog 2000. He offered to hold Phoebe's leash while Wags and I raced. We followed up with a post-IDD Irish coffee at Blackbeards, and two years later Fred is still holding that leash -- and helping me renovate my house; writing up code for my web-sites; building sand castles with me, taking me dancing on the weekends and doing pretty much everything he can think of to keep me and my dogs happy. I wasn't looking for love at IDD but it found me anyway. (Sure, I can't help but wonder if Fred is just using me to get more time in with Wags - but if that is the case I guess I can live with it.)

I'm not saying that you will meet the love of your life at IDD, but you never know. You could find a very special dog who needs a good home and someone to shower with unconditional love.

If you can't be there in person, surf on over to www.spi-cam.com as Fred and I will attempt our first ever live web-cam broadcast at IDD 2003. Either way, you will be able to see for yourself just how adorable Wags really is.

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