Dear sandy,

I'm an old, married 27 year-old who will be visiting the Island next week with my 32 year-old husband, and I will be wearing thong swimming suits. Is this illegal on the Island? I sure hope not, because this is the only crazy thing I can do as an old married woman! (I definitely will not be tattooing or piercing any body parts!)

Thank you,

Jane (via the internet)


Yo Jane --

27 is old!!???

Thong suits are most definitely NOT illegal here - in fact, in fact, I would venture to say that they are held in great esteem -- by the male portion of the population, anyway.

Furthermore, we even let really, really old ladies in their forties - married and otherwise - wear 'em if they want to.

As for tattoos and body piercings - which are also very legal here, regardless of your age or marital status - there are some pretty cool temporary tattoos available on the Island. So if you get a wild hair you can adorn both sets of cheeks and still respect yourself when you get back to Ohio...


Dear sandy feet,

We are firming up our travel plans for next fall and wondered if you could give us the low-down on Sandcastle Days 1997.

With pleasure. The committee is already hard at work making sure that Sand Castle Days '97 - which happens to be our tenth annual - is the biggest and best ever. It will be held Oct. 18-19 on the beach at the Bahia Mar, and we are really hoping to get some good participation from local businesses. In fact, the SOB Wizards are willing to make this special one-time only offer: any area business that commits to sponsorship by Oct. 1 will be provided an afternoon of free group instruction from either me or Amazin' Walter. We want your money (of course), but we want you to field a team, too! Call 761-5943 for more information.


Okay Ms Feet,

We are all about sick to death of watching you and Amazin' prancing across our TV sets at all hours of the day and night. Are you guys getting paid royalties every time your ad runs? You must be getting rich! How did they find you? And how come you guys aren't wearing SPI T-shirts? And how are you gonna top this one?

-(compilation from numerous sources)


Well first of all, we're pretty sure Best Buy considers it their ad....

NO, we don't get royalties. We received a generous flat fee when the ad was filmed - and tons of great publicity for our web-site, so we do feel justly compensated.

How did they find us? Best Buy's professional web surfers just stumbled upon our page on the internet and thought we looked like nice people whose career could use a jumpstart. Or something like that.

Our wardrobes were chosen by Best Buy's creative team - we didn't have a say in it. (But don't tell that to the folks who organize Portfest in Arkansas. They all recognized Amazin's shirt in the ad and treated him like the major celebrity he would like to be on our recent return gig at their festival.)

Topping the ad won't be easy, but we keep working at it. For example, the June 19th issue of "Nature" Journal (they are the ones who broke the sheep cloning story a few months back) will feature on its cover a picture of one of my castles - as well as a cover story some physicists from Notre Dame have written about what makes sand castles stand. That week I will be working with 20 other world-acclaimed sculptors on Sandtennial - a giant (3-5000 ton) sculpture celebrating 100 years of sand sculpture on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City. Those of you who are connected can watch the project in process at

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