Dear sandy,

Say, what's up with the wind? I came here to frolic on the beach, not huddle behind a windbreak!

You obviously failed to read the fine print located under the caption: "Of special interest to windsurfers...." in your vacation brochure.

We do get some wind here - especially in the spring. (Maybe it has something to do with the vaccuum created by all the springbreakers and Mexican Nationals leaving town?) There is no doubt that strong winds can wreak havoc with sandcastling, sunbathing and other beach-based recreational activities. The best way to deal with this is to adjust your mind-set and learn to regard the wind as your friend. Take a second look at outdoor activities that harness those gusts: kite-flying, sailing and windsurfing come immediately to mind.

If you just really don't like getting buffeted around, may I suggest you do as I do - cozy up to your pc and wait for things to calm down a bit.

Dear Ms. Feet,

Though I no longer reside on the Island, I still have my news sources there, and they tell me that you were busted for doing illegal hairwraps during spring break. Someone in charge obviously recognizes the fact that cotton thread and beads - together with non-licensed touching of the hair - can be a truly dangerous combination.

I am relieved to hear that the law enforcement agencies are spending their time cracking down on major crime. Now, I hope this has given you the chance to reflect on the influence you've had on the youth down there. There are some, who - no doubt because of you - may be planning to drop out of school... pursue a life on the beach... hairwrapping..... spending what little money they have on beads. God only knows what damage you've caused!

-P. Ormston, via the internet

You are absolutely correct. I am guilty guilty guilty! I would plead temporary insanity... but I've been doing wraps so many years that no one would believe me.

At any rate, I have paid my debt to society and have great hopes that I may yet be rehabilitated. To that effect, I have vowed to turn over a new leaf and find an alternative line of work that doesn't require any kind of license or permit -- something like body piercing, perhaps...

Yo Sandy!

Just got back from two days of fun and sun in SPI. Had to get away after spending two weeks of 24 and 12 hour days getting a couple web sites up. Then I grab a paper, pop it open, and there it is! More web stuff! Arrrrgh, can't get away from it anywhere! Ok, sand castles and web pages, I can dig that... so I trip around the island for a day or two, and stop by Isla to grab a hat. Yipe! It's got a web address on the back! Scary.

You have a great job.... All us envious web authors locked up in harshly lit rooms staring at blurry monitors congratulate you.

- MOO Hacker, HTML Author, Diet Coke Addict, Budding Entrepreneur -

All those little "http://" thingies have permeated our culture practically overnight, haven't they? Speaking of which, here's a few more of them:

Webbed Feet: a few interesting links for your net-surfing pleasure...

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