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Hey sandy,

I'm going to be in South Padre for a weekend this fall -- without going into too much detail, I've got one question for you.....

Where can I get a Sweet Potato Pie this time of year on the island?

Thanks for the help!

- Julio (via the internet)

,y car

(This photo is not related to anything else in this column. It is just a really cool (and photoshopped) picture of my newly-painted Samauri that I just felt the need to include somewhere on my site today.)

Okay. Is this one of those "stump the wizard" questions?

Being in the dark about the very nature of sweet potato pie, much less able to point you at a local provider, I did a little research on the net and have this multiple choice question for the entertainment and edification of my readers:

Sweet potato pie is:

  1. a calorie-laden Caribbean specialty food
  2. a diet food for the health-conscious
  3. an album by blues artist Robert Cray
  4. all of the above

If you picked "D", you already know more about the topic than I did, and if you know where it can be found locally - this or any other time of the year - you stand to win a free copy of my Sandcastle book (first respondent only) and my eternal good will (everyone who answers!)

It may be too late to help out Julio, but one never knows when this vital question could pop up again.... 

Dear Ms. Feet,

My question is in regard to the rumors that are flying about Sand Castle Days '99. First I hear it's not going to happen at all. Then I hear it's going to "sorta happen." Then I hear it's going to be like it was last year. What's the real story?

-multiple questioners

And a very good question it is!

Details still need to be worked out, but at this very moment the 12th Annual Sand Castle Days competition is scheduled to take place Oct. 16, 1999 on the beach in front of the Surf Motel. Contest categories will include youth (elementary & secondary); Adult/family teams; a Celebrity Challenge Invitational and the Texas State Championship (solo) - with cash prizes in all categories except the invitational. The traditional demo castle will feature a "SPI Bikefest" theme and will be built by the SoB Sand Castle Wizards inside the Convention Centre prior to the event.

The San Marcos Suns will be here in force, hosting a weekend "fun build" with everyone invited to participate. I will be giving free lessons for beginners all morning the day of the contest . I personally am thrilled that the event will take place at the Surf - it is without a doubt one of the friendliest beaches on the Island and we truly appreciate Gary and the gang's support. However, it's going to be a busy weekend and parking will probably be a problem -- so spectators should plan on taking the WAVE or strolling up/down the beach.

Our big sponsor this year - as it has been in years past - is the town of South Padre Island, though (again, as in years past) we are looking for local business support as well. We have heard some grumblings about the lack of a masters-level event this year and I will miss it myself. However, city officials are calling this "a rebuilding year" and promise to consider reinstating the masters contest in some form next year. For the very latest updates on SCDays '99, visit the SoB web-site at unlitter.com.

As long as we are on the subject of sandsculpting contests, I would like to use this opportunity to invite everyone with a net connection to follow along as I participate in two masters-level contests this coming month: Sept. 7-14 at the World Championship in British Columbia (where I will be competing against Amazin' Walter), and the North American Championship - Sept. 22-27 in Virginia Beach. I will be traveling to both events with my laptop and digital camera and be posting updates at my web-site. I am also actively seeking sponsorship for these very-well attended contests (see my ad for details.)

Feet's Totally Non-Scientific Just For Fun Net Poll Results: My most recent question looked ahead to the new millennium: Where do YOU plan to be at 11:59 pm on Dec. 31, 1999? A) partying my butt off on SPI (39.1%); B) somewhere else (39.1%); C) at home watching everyone else party on TV (13%); D) holed up in a bunker with a year's supply of canned goods waiting for the world to end (8.8%).

Sandy Asks: Boy it suddenly got quiet around here! The current poll asks what you think is the best reason to visit/hang around SPI after the summer season ends, and your choices are as follows: A) Locals parties; B) Bikefest; C) Summer weather without summer crowds; D) Sand Castle Days; E) Hurricane roulette. Vote today at http://spionline.com/polls.html.

There are five (5) ways to submit your questions/comments for future Ask Sandy columns: In person; by phone (761-6222) or fax (761-8930); the US Postal System (box 2694,spi,78597) and E-mail: (sandyfeet@unlitter.com). Visit my web-site (http://spionline.com/) for tips on sandcastling, contest info, recent Ask Sandy columns, and my reviews of local businesses.

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