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updated 8/25/03

the Bahamas

Off to another adventure...

I am happy to report that I am heading back to Europe and this time with the travel companion of my dreams. My Fred and I are going to multiple destinations to work and play together and you can come too!

Our itinerary is very fluid with only a few dates and destinations etched in sand (see table below.) We have every intention of staying connected and updated via internet so check in often to see what we are up to and where we are going. Browse our photo album or jump to specific locations using the links below.

we embark here

7/9, 2003

Arrive in Chicago to spend the afternoon and evening with Fred's sister Dianne and family

7/10 - 11
Drive rental car to Saugatuck for celebration of Mom & Dad Feets 50th wedding anniversary, followed the next day by nephew Emerson's "Coming of Age" 13th birthday party.
7/12 - 15 Grab a few days at the family cottage on the shores of beautiful Glen Lake
July 16 Back to Chicago to catch a flight to Rome via Paris
July 17-21 Hop a train to Riccione, where we will meet Leo and Antonio. We will be helping them out with a largish sand sculpture project they have going in Riccione

Added 8/05/03 - Photos from the Sculpture Garden

July 22-26
July 26-30
July 30-31 Storm and Siesta at a lovely B&B in Siena
Aug. 1-8 A beach house in Dubrovnik!!!! but first...
Aug.9-11 Bus up the Croatian coast - ferry to Hvar Island - spend two nights in Jelsa before catching an overnight ferry to Ancona
Aug. 12-16 International duo sand sculpture contest in Cervia, Italy.
  • We score! 2nd Place (3rd place peoples choice) See Photos of our sculpture here

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