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Hi! I'm sandy feet and Yes That Is My Real Name*

*in the sense that any name you answer to is a "real name"

Actually, my parents named me Lucinda Wierenga... I answer to that, too. Nice name; hard to remember.

I have won a small amount of fame -- and just enough fortune to maintain my fabulous lifestyle -- by playing in the sand. I think that makes me one lucky SoB, don't you?

I live on South Padre Island, which is blessed with some of the best naturally-occuring sand sculpting material on the planet. Since South Padre is an increasingly popular family vacation destination, this enables me to offer sandcastle lessons, workshops and corporate team building exercises on the beach just half a block from my house. (Talk about an easy commute!)

As an internationally-recognized master sand sculptor, I get invited to participate in sand sculpture contests and festivals all over the planet. Stop by my Trip Diaries pages to see some of the wonderful places people have actually paid me to visit.

If you are interested in building better sandcastles, you might want to visit another of my sites - Sandcastle Central - for (free!) tips, tricks and pics. Better yet, take a look at my new book (published 7/05) entitled Sandcastles Made Simple.

Basically, I am what I do. But if you are interested in seeing sandy feet off the sand pile, just follow the feet...

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