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Vernazza, Italy - 7/23-7/24

updated 7/25/03

View from our terrace (above, as seen through my camera; below, as painted by Fred)

Lunch at Belforte - what is Fred looking at? Babes in Bikinis?

Nope. He is watching the German kids dive off the cliff and...

the boats go by... of course.

the sand was... not bad

Caroline & Neil - Our Aussie Neighbors

Dinner at El Torre (the tower in the background)

7/23 - Checkout was 10 am so we had to work fast. Rather, Fred - who loves a challenge_ had to work fast and so he did. A terrace clinging to the side of the cliff caught his fancy and on impulse he rang the room connected to it but of course it was already occupied. He caught up with the elusive Giuliano at the internet cafe and yes, a cancellation meant that there was un camera available for two nights. And what a room! The shared (with 2 other rooms) terrace was lovely;

the bedroom nicely furnished and decorated with a evocative mural

-- but the bathroom was the big attraction - as large and opulent as any I have ever seen in any of my travels - almost as big as the bedroom!!! - and the shower I took in it was the first I have truly enjoyed since leaving my own bathroom.

But first! a quick sand castle on the tiny little beach... a freebie for this lovely town. And then some lunch at Belforte. Simple spaghetti pomodore is a super duper treat because they used the freshest and yummiest of tomatoes (Fred was drooling.)

One unexpected benefit of the shared terrace was meeting the neighbors -Neil and Caroline - Aussies recently relocated to London - a relaxed and cheerful 30-something couple clutching their own copy of RS with whom we immediately clicked. They proved to be witty conversationalists who liked to party to the same level as we do. We ended up dining with them two nights in a row, both nights ending with limoncino on the terrace. While our paths have parted as of this writing, we intend to keep in touch via e-mail and may yet run into each other in our journies to Florence and/or the Amalfi Coast.

(Ah - you noticed that itinerarial shift, did you? Yes, Turkey is but a distant contender. We have fallen deeply in love with the eastern coast and so are currently leaning towards finding someplace along it where we can spend most if not all of our 10 "free" days before the contest...)

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