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Adios, Florence - Hola, Siena!

posted 7/31/03

Feet Gets Packing...

Waiting for a Train

A Brief Pause....

7/30 - It is a tense morning here in the apartment. Fred is trying to solve a programming job problem; it is nearing time for us to check out and the outside noise is becoming more than just a minor irritant. We are way ready to be away from here but are grabbing every last bit of internet time we can.

We are still not 100 % resolved on what to do on the 1st (Friday?) when we check out of the Morrocco room in Siena. We have (semi sorta, nothing totally confirmed) booked three different beach houses/apartments on three different beaches: Sardinia, Sicily and Dubrovnik (Croatia.) All will take a day or longer to reach from here but they all sound quite lovely. The Croation place sounds the most exotic - located in the middle of the old city - but is also the most difficult to get to and the phone number for the bus station is not working for us.

Update 7/31 - Siena (

The programming problem has been solved; a decision has been reached and we will be on our way to Croatia tomorrow morning. Thanks to our hostess Frances, we have reserved seats on the bus from Trieste to Dubrovnik.

This is a beautiful place Fred found on the internet and I will be describing it more at length - but net access has become complicated. WE are about to head into town where there is a cafe that will let us hook up with our laptops so I can post a couple lf more pages and do one last e-mail check. The next time I get to update pages will (hopefully) be in Dubrovnik - we are told there is an internet cafe very nearby our lodging.

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