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updated 7/20/03

Three boys - three iBooks

Meet Eliot, Dylan and Emerson-- sons of my sister Deb and her husband Charlie. I am not a "kid" person but these guys are all smart, talented and a real joy to be around. When this picture was shot they were putting the finishing touches on a special iMovie they had created in honor of Mom and Dad Feets 50th anniversary. Eventually it will be posted on the web -- it is extremely entertaining, even if you don't know "Nanny & Boppy" -- and will be linked from the anniversary site.

Now we are off to the parental abode where I take a minute to show off my new cell phone camera to my Dad (Boppy)

He is suitably impressed. I sure wished the thing would work in Italy...

Don and Ginny are treating themselves to an anniversary cruise this fall to Panama (where they spent their first year of wedded bliss while dad was stationed there) -- but asked we not plan a big party. They preferred a family get together and so we had a nice meal at a dignified restaurant followed by a performance of "Caberet" at the Red Barn Theatre.

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