Location: Cervia, Italy

Dates: Aug. 12-16, 2003

Place: 2nd Place, Technical Jury; 3rd Place Peoples Choice

Particulars: This sculpture depicts a party - apparently hosted by Bacchus himself and attended by a variety of characters including the statue of liberty, a space alien or two; Mr. & Mrs. Smiley (who may or may not be passing a doobie to Ms. Liberty) and included 17 characters (19 if you include the turkey and the aardvark).

There is a lot to look at in this sculpture - can you spot the "uninvited guest?"

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the team

The USA Team - sandy feet and Fred Mallett

"Ospito Inatteso " (The Uninvited Guest)

machine detail
face detail

logo detail

machine front face - another view

with flags

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