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updated 7/21/03

Above - the b-day boy shows off a treasure

Right - his mom appears to have mixed emotions about her middle child turning 13

Emerson became a teenager on July 11, 2003. Like his brother Dylan before him, he celbrated this day with a "coming of age party" hosted by his parents and atended by family members and well wishers from near and far. Uncooperative weather put the kibosh on a beach party but did not dampen the fun.

Above: Joe and Spencer

Right: Steve, Shane and Sue

One element of this celebration is the sealing of a "time capsule" - a special box handcrafted by Boppy and stuffed with meaningful items. Left: Emerson stuffs. Above: Boppy seals. the box is scheduled to be re-opened on Emerson's 21st birthday.

Meanwhile, back at Boppy's workshop, Fred has an idea for displaying the aforementioned Bird Castles for some upcoming art shows. He and Dad get to work and the result is ... quite pleasing, don't you think?

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