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A very special occasion - Dune Dog's 13th Birthday Party - was the next inspiration. Aid and assistance by amazin' walter.

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dune sign

May 15, 1998

It has taken me a while to add to the sandbox pages -- my beloved Dune Dog passed away one month to the day after these photos were shot. He was not in good health for his birthday, but that did not prevent him from enjoying a big piece of cake.

Duner loved the sandbox - I think the cool wet sand felt good on his tum. After he passed away, Dad Feets carved the above sign from a piece of driftwood we found on our last beach trip together.


feet and dune

Above: the last photo of the two of us, shot by Dennis

Left: Dune's cake

Dog Dream

I was seriously unhappy with myself that I was not here when he died. Then a few mornings later - while still in Italy - I had a very vivid dream: I was driving along a deserted road with Wags in the back seat. He suddenly started going berserk, running around the car and barking. I pulled to the side of the road and as soon as I opened the door, he jumped out and ran towards a forbidding looking castle. I followed him inside and there was Dune Dog - still old and infirm but looking very comfortable none the less, surrounded by fuzzy furry little animals like he was holding court. I immediately understood that he had turned into some sort of wise old wizard dog, and though he could not speak, he was able to communicate to me that he was happy, had forgiven me for leaving him when I did, and that I could not stay but I could come and visit him where he was.... and that he loved me very much and knew just how much I loved him.

I might have conjured up this dream to make myself feel better -- who knows? All I know is that it seemed very real and when I woke up I truly believed Dune had brought me this dream and I did in fact feel better.

dune castle 

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