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Upon being invited to participate in the first Las Vegas Sandtennial sculpture exhibition and contest scheduled for this March 19-25, followed by a whole new season's worth of contests, I decide I best make use of the lovely weather we are experiencing and once agian attack my dwindling sand pile...

Jan 19 - 23, 2000

Not sure why I find the feminine form more interesting (to carve) then the masculine one.... maybe I just like curves better than lines?

I am trying to get away from realism and am striving for a more expressionist or abstract thing. Yes one thigh is considerably larger than the other - purely intentional

 second day

Day 1

first day

< Day 2 - Don't care much for what I did with the face here, but the added upperbody definition helps I and kinda like the spiral on the breast...


Day 3 >

I have decided to let the remaining lumps and bumps of my formed mound suggest their own topics to me - resulting in the admittedly weird face pictured at left...

...and the Madonna and child below.


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