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4/4/02 -My how time flies... look how the trees have grown!
It has been too long since I added anything here Many thanks to my friend Fred for helping me screen the nasty s**t out of my sandbox sand and encouraging me to spend more time in it again.

Spring Break, 2002

The best SB ever. I completed most of my related efforts with the spring break pages of before the kiddos ever got here, so I hibernated through most of hte madness -- playing with sweet Fred in the sandbox.

Here is a sort of mother's day thing we played with. Fred concentrated on the back side which helps explain the ... unusual hairdo this woman sports.


first day


And here's me and Fred next to the bird-ravaged remains of our sculpture.

On March 26th, we had a gathering at feet's beach retreat to bid a fond adieu to Mom and Dad Feets, who were to begin their annual journey back to MI on the 27th. (The handsome couple in the center are my parental units, flanked by some of their tennis buddies from Saida Royale- in the photo above.)

Fred's parents dropped in from Mass. for the party!

The following Sunday was too lovely to spend indoors. The mom sculpture was long gone, but there was enough of a poundup to play with... see weirdo face below.

This sickening-sweet chick egg cup is an element I plan to use in my next contest piece - the April Texas Sandfest in Port Aransas. With this sculpture I intend to re-visit a theme I played with at the World Championships in 2000 - tentatively entitled "Still Life with Chicken."

Below - Fred sculpts his ideal woman (I think I'm in trouble.)

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