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A longish run of pretty nice weather allows your hostess to feel a certain amount of enthusiasm towards effecting a change of scenery


Above: Dec. 24, 1997, 4 PM

Picture Perfect Weather - Christmas Eve Day seemed like a good time to shut down the ol' Mac and carve something in the box.... big Christmas Day Brunch tomorrow.

Had some happy dogs, today.

Right: Jan.2, 1998

Yes, it is the same pile of sand. As you can see, I have abandoned the sandcastle theme and am veering off drunkenly into unknown territory. I think that is what having your own personal hidden from public view (except on the net, in a little-traversed corner of my homepage where I'm truly amazed anyone ever finds it BTW who are you and why are you reading this?) sandbox is all about.

I am a bit frustrated by this sand. It has a lot of weeds, shells and rocks in it - much more so than the stuff on the beach. There is talk of sifting before/during the next poundup. I hate the harry little root things the most -- I tugged and the walls came tumbling down.

I didn't really want a castle there, anyway.

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