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December, 2002

'Tis the Season

The unseasonably warm temperatures sent Fred & I running to the sandbox. We started with a fairly massive pound-up (right) which you could have had the pleasure of watching us fill had you been tuned in to our new web-cam on 12/14/02.... and then you could have seen the thing collapse (Live!) on 12/15 when we took off the second form :(

 many alices


alice face detail

The peace-lovin' angel was cute enough to photograph (we thought). We were going to finish it out as a Christmas tree with some, surreal ornaments. By Sunday, we just decided to finish something with what was still standing.

Scroll on down to see what we came up with....

But first! the newest addition to my outdoor living room (I love it!)


If it is a nice Sunday afternoon, check out the spi-cam and maybe you will see us back here creating something new!

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