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Build a Better Sand Castle!

It's easier than you think! Forget the cheesy molds and trying to pound dry sand into submission.... We have discovered a better way and we're eager to share it!

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The Franklin Clan Photo Op Demo/Lesson
10 people - 2 hours


sand castle lessons with sandy feet
author of the book "Sandcastles Made Simple"

sandy feet is a retired high school English teacher with over 20 years of sandcastle instruction experience under her tool belt...

But her lessons are NOT just for kids! In fact, very young children may not have yet developed the motor skills necessary for learning the relatively sophisticated SoB techniques of building. Parents need to take the lesson too, so when the child is old enough s/he can learn from mom and dad.

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a school field trip sandcastle experience with sandy feet
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Do we need to buy the tools?

No. I will provide all tools needed and will leave a set of "better-than-nothing" tools for you to keep using after I leave.

If so can we purchase them there?

Everything I use in the lesson is available for purchase at a discounted price - just ask.

Do we pay when we get there?

I accept payment in the form of cash, personal check paypal bump, VISA or Mastercard. You can also pre-pay at our secure server here

What if it is raining?

A light sprinkle doesn't bother me or the sand, but steady rain is another thing altogether. And serious wind is also no fun. In the event of inclement weather I will work with you to reschedule whenever possible. If rescheduling is not an option and you have prepaid, I will cheerfully refund your money.


For about the same price as an hour on a wave-rider, I will meet you on the South Padre Island beach of your choice and provide hands-on sandcastling instruction in an entertaining format. In just an hour or less you will be building and carving very cool sand structures - no artistic talent required. Sandcastling is a skill that will enhance your beach trips for the rest of your life!

The SoB technique involves digging a hole down to the water table and withdrawing super wet sand from the bottom of it. I'll show you how to build structures and then help you carve them into recognizable structures or figures. I provide all the carving tools you will need and will even leave a few behind so you can keep playing after I go.

PROVE YOU BUILT IT! I am now offering time-lapse videos of your sandcastle experience. For an additional $50, I will provide you with a custom video of your experience that you can post on your facebook page, share with your friends and family -- do whatever you like with it! See a sample

Lesson Description/Prices

Prices quoted below are for adults and children aged 7 and older. Younger children are welcomed for no additional charge if accompanied and assisted by a responsible adult, but do not expect them to get a lot out of this instruction.

Most people will be able to learn the basics of handstacking and carving in less than an hour. For those who want to learn a few more advanced tips and tricks, I recommend the extended lesson. Prices vary depending on the number of participants.

To reserve a lesson, please fill out this form with your preferred date, time, location and the size group. I accept cash, checks, major credit cards.

If you would like to pre-pay, you can go to our secure server at http://sonsofthebeach.com/paysob


The Beginner Lesson - Learn the basics of softpack, hardpack and handstacking. Build towers and walls. Carve windows, balconies, doors, stairs and tunnels using pastry knives and plastic cutlery. $75 and up

The Extended Lesson - Learn all the above plus advanced hand-stacking and carving techniques and I will leave you carving a 6' tall tower. $100 and up

The Photo Op Sand Castle Lesson - An excellent opportunity to get that Christmas Card Photo! We work together to create a large and impressive piece with me coaching and working alongside you. I can even help you carve your name, logo or short message. This project requires a fair amount of equipment for which I use a special cart. $200 and up

The Hands-Off-You-Lie-I'll-Swear-To-It Photo Op Sandcastle Demo - Want a personalized sandcastle but don't want to get your hands dirty? Like to watch before you learn how? I will build a very cool sandcastle on the SPI beach of your choice, personalized with the message you specify, and shoot your picture with it for you (using your camera.) You can tell everyone you built it (don't forget to mention that sandy feet taught you how.) And they won't find out the truth from me ;-) ....................$100/hr (2 hour minimum) (e-mail for info)

The School/Youth Group Sandcastle Lesson - Treat your students to an experience that will help them have more fun on the beach forever! Sandcastle-building can be tied into a multitude of study fields, including art, history, or physics -- and it is a great team-building activity. We work with all all grades and levels of experience..........$ depends on group size (e-mail for info)

The Advanced Lesson - e-mail for info

lesson type who's it for length fee
the basics everyone 30-45 minutes $75 and up
extended seriously interested adults, & older kids who want to build something BIG! 60-75 minutes $100 and up
photo op everyone 90-120 minutes $200 and up

If this looks like a lot of fun but a trip to South Padre Island is not in your near future, surf over to sandcastlecentral.com and take a look at my growing list of master sculptors who offer instruction in other parts of the country.

For a more thorough descripton of this technique, sneak a peek of my tips for beginners.

Sandcastling is a skill you will be able to enjoy the rest of your life. Gift certificates are available too!

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