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Humbeek, Belgium May 23-June 5, 2000

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Brussels: wowser sculpture and architecture. silly boysJazz festival and dancing in the streets. "I am about to show you the most beautiful section of Bruss-- " Where's Tom? Tom's lost!!! Oh no! Look here, look there, time to eat...Here he is!! Oh well, now there is no time to see the most beautiful section of Brussels....peeing boy

but here is the MannekinPiss. The little boy going wee-wee. This is the symbol of Brussels and on all the postcards. Inexplicable. Will we see the mannekincrap in Antwerp, we wonder?

Jill has been here before and knows what kind of wrapper the good chocolate comes in and manages to find some even though most shops are closed. Later I moan that I missed my last chance to get some of this naughty stuff to bring home for presents. When she leaves a few days ahead of me, she sends back an urgent e-mail: "Evil chocolate available at airport." In the meantime, drink more beer.

Tom, Feet and beer

Tom (bowloffish): makes roses from napkins for all the girls and patiently tries to teach me how to open beer bottles with a lighter.

The Hobbit Hotel in Mechelen: Nice place and I get one of the rooms with the round hobbit window - the management is nice in spite of that little incident with the candle....

hobbit room

The MTV here actually plays music videos.