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Humbeek, Belgium May 23-June 5, 2000

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BEFORE - the pile as it pretty much looked the day I arrived


The sculpture: this is a story about a canal - a very important canal connecting Brussels and Antwerp that was built in the 16th or 17th century. I may or may not have gotten this story right - there was the language thing. In the sculpture you can see workers building it, laborers pulling boats through the canal. You got three big replicas - towers representing Brussels, Antwerp and Mechelen.

Over here you have Napolean - who came here and did something but no one seems sure what. Over there you have Marie of Burgandy who also supposedly came here to do something, though DAvid O'Brien says that the timing is off and this was either before or after Marie's time. Beer kinda helped keep all the details vague. Below these scenes you have houses. Many many many houses... some with fun and interesting details but mostly just ... houses.

boat pullersAnd below THAT you have the canal with boats and stuff.

Here is a sorta tragic recreation of a family pulling a barge down the canal. Dad is really putting his back to it, mom uses her chin and little Hans is looking at mom asking if it is time for a mik and cookie break yet.

Lars mostly carved this but let me help some.

AFTER - what it looked like the day we finished