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Humbeek, Belgium May 23-June 5, 2000

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Fell in love with those sugary waffle things wrapped up in cellophane. And yes they DO have Belgian waffles in Belgium

see? waffle!

and I have the picture to prove it. More beer, please.

Jill & ThomasJill: It has been three years since we were roomies at San Diego and our contact since has been limited to e-mails and the occasional phonecall. She is the one responsible for my being here and I am deeply grateful. We aren't roomies this time - she is here with her honey Thomas and I compliment her on her good taste in men. It is fun carving elbow to elbow with her once again. When she leaves she has a new hairwrap.

Bread (brood) machines on every corner - drop in your coins and collect a fresh loaf.... what a concept!

Frites - the things we call French fries - were actually created by the Belgians. Frite Stand and FritzDuring one of the world wars the American soldiers started asking for fries "in the French style", but the "French" guys they were talking about were actually French-speaking Belgians. One of the older local gents working crowd duty called me "Yankee" and proceeded to tell me that he was in the war and the Brits? Pahhh!!! but the Yankees? they were o-kay! Back to frites: the secret reportedly is double frying, so McD is obviously cutting corners and leaving out an important step. You order them in big paper cones and have a choice of multiple sauces (use the one labeled "Samauri" sparingly.)

Money making is a wonderful thing. But that is not why I am here. I am here for.... the chocolate!

Dave & FritzFritz: the cocker spaniel that adopted us for the duration of our stay. Likes cheese rines and doesn't forget if you have treated him even once. Sensitive ears so don't rub too hard there. Lots of sweet doggy kisses. Squeaky toy addict. Was reproduced in sand least twice.

Hey, Texas! - that is what some of the locals called me.