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Stylish Protection for the Head:

The Official SOB Uniform: "PITH ON!"

Unadorned or custom painted by sandy feet, this hat will soon become your favorite (or maybe just another piece of art hanging on the wall - either way it is guaranteed to generate at least one interesting conversation with the person sitting next to you on the airplane....)

Amazin' Walter is now painting them too!


Some years ago, an Omni Magazine column declared the pith helmet style to be more effective at protecting the face, neck and shoulders from the sun's harmful rays than any other form of headgear. This came as no surprise to the Sons of the Beach - we've been sandcastling under the hot South Padre sun in them for years.

But in the SOB world, form is every bit as important as function.In other words, it's gotta look good, too. So far as I know, I am the only custom pith painter in the whole world.I can reproduce most any logo or simple drawing or I can even design something new with a little input.

We order our high quality hats from a company in New Hampshire. They are fully adjustable - we've only met one or two adult heads they wouldn't fit. Hats come in your basic white and basic tan.

Our pithers sell for $25 (plus $5 s&h) unadorned -- customized pithers start at $60 and up.

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sandy feet's hats
laurie's pither

These are just a few samples of the many hundreds of pithers customized by sandy feet. Those on the left are from the artist's personal collection and are still colorful and functional after years of heavy use.

(Right) This is Dennis - windsurfer, diver, sandcastle instructor, and water flow meter expert - wearing the starter pither I painted for his 38th birthday. Dennis 1 Dennis 2