sand sculpture by sandy feet

competitive sand sculpture photos - 2001

Ft. Myers Beach, FL 11/01


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South Padre Island Sand Castle Days 10/01

"Bridging the Great Divide"

Peoples Choice Award

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World Championship - Doubles Competition 9/01

"The Dream"

sandy feet and Kirk Rademaker

inspired by the erotic art of Pablo Picasso...

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Quebec City - Teams Competition 8/01


sandy feet and Kirk Rademaker

an elaborate cork extraction device...

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Cervia, Italy - International Teams 7/01

"Mother Earth, Inc."

sandy feet & Carl Jara - 1st Place

A statement decrying the corporate, political and other moneyed interests that have taken control of our planet's resources.

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mama terra

Hampton Beach Masters 6/01


Nine happy naked people...

more cut thoughs than any one sculpture needs...

this is one of my most favorite peices I have ever created.

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C101 C-Scapes 6/01

"Zoom Zoom Zoom"

This piece was sponsored by Padre Ford Mazda and featured a Mazda Protoge 5. I took 3rd place with it. Click on thumbnail for larger version.


irrational exuberance
Port Aransas Sandfest 3/01

"Irrational Exuberance"

Know what happens when you try to liven things up by incorporating business news headlines into a competition sand sculpture? You confuse the judges, that's what!

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trees signLas Vegas Pizza Expo 3/01

"That's Amore!"

This year the Pizza Expo contest in Las Vegas featured a "pizza" theme (go figure.) So, I went with that old song when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie thing. Didn't place in the money (again, go figure) but I was happy with it and had lots of fun while I was there.

See more photos of this piece here.

look, trees!

smiley screens

Working with the naturally occuring colored sand with a team of Chinese assistants in a beautiful setting was an amazing experience.... giving me some incredible memories that I will treasure forever. See more pictures here - view my trip eDiary here.

Colored Sand Forest International, Luliang, China 3/01

"Share the Love"

the team

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