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Corpus Contest 6/2000 sign

C101 C-Sculptures - 6/2000

It was a dark and rainy night on the North Padre Island Beach, June 9, 2000. Major wind and major rain took out pretty much everything I'd carved on Friday, so most of what you see below was completed in about 9 hours. Title: Wizard at Work

The good news finally came in - I won first place (that's $1500 I can knock off my credit card debt this month.)

wizard at work

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This was the 3rd piece in my "On Loan 2000" series and it must have been the lucky charm because it was the first one to get me into the money. I tied for 7th place with my sweetie, Kirk Rademaker and we each won $425. I spent mine on a CD burner module for my G3 PB.

In this sculpture, Beach Babe grew hair and a fairly realistic face (but lost an arm, so she was still Art Babe as well.) This piece also included my first attempt at a self-portrait (bas relief).

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Myrtle Beach 5/00

The second in the "On Loan 2000" Series. Another art gallery - this with a Texas beach theme. In this one I introduced "moon guy" spectators and replaced the brick walls with fluffy cloud backgrounds.

go fish

Big field of excellent sculptors and found out later that I finished 5th, missing 4th place (and a share of the pot) by one point to Mr. John Gowdy. What an honor....

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Port Aransas 5/00


The first in the "On Loan 2000" Series... Blatant Botticelli, Da Vinci and Van Gogh rip-offs with a Las Vegas twist. I was competing against the very best in this event . It was an honor just being invited but was really happy to place 5th in a field of 7.

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elvis on the half shell

Las Vegas 5/00

weird naked lady

trees sign
Fort Myers Beach 11/00

"Look!! TREES!!!"

Just my luck: I get my first - and only - major collapse of the year at the last contest of the season. We say that you are not pushing the sand hard enough if you don't have the occasional collapse -- but I wish it hadn't happened during this, my 9th contest of the year. I think I had a pretty strong piece going right into the home stretch. See more before and after photos here.

Congrats to my partner, fellow SoB Amazin' Walter, for walking off with 2nd place and people's choice awards.

look, trees!

touchdown sign
South Padre Island Sand Castle Days 10/00


Peoples Choice Award


still life poster
World Championship 2000
Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia

"Still Life"


to peak behind the canvas, click here

Quebec International Sand Sculpting Championship - 8/2000

It is a super huge honor to even be invited to this puppy and now I know why everyone wants to go. The sand quality is excellent, the organizers appreciative and accommodating to a fault. I did not get to see much of Quebec, but if I ever get invited back I will certainly rectify the situation.

The Quebec contest this year was actually two competitions: solo and 2 person team.

Below is the piece I did for the solo division. At right is the piece I did with my team mate (and the current object of my affection) - Kirk Rademaker.

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wizard at work

more pictures of this piece

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