Location: Cervia, Italy

Dates: July 12-15, 2001

Place: 1st!

Particulars: Less than a week before this contest started, I got an urgent e-mail from organizer Leonardo Ugolini that sponsorship money had come through if I still wanted to come. My usual partner, Kirk Rademaker, was already booked so Carl and I pulled this thing off on a very last-minute basis. The morning of our third day, we arrived to find that our largest structure had just collapsed - we completed the piece's centerpiece in just 2 days, making our victory all the sweeter.

The title of this piece is "Mother Nature, Inc." -- a statement decrying the corporate, political and other moneyed interests that have taken control of our planet's resources. "Mama Terra" - entwined in a double helix DNA strand of data bits morphing into butterflies - is attached to a "doomsday machine" with a giant hose.

We felt this piece took full advantage of our individual strengths: Carl did a masterful job of creating a lovely Mother Nature character, while I had great fun making the machine controlling her.

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the team

The USA Team - sandy feet (Texas) and Carl Jara (Ohio)

Lucinda 'sandy feet" Wierenga - South Padre Island, TX and Carl D. Jara - Cincinnati, OH

"Mother Earth, Inc."

sculpture front other side

click image to enlarge

machine detail
face detail

logo detail

machine front face - another view

with flags

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