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Location: Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

Dates: June 20-23, 2001

Particulars: This event was a first for Hampton Beach but I suspect it will not be the last.... did you catch the blurb on CNN? Host-sculptor Greg Grady and Uncle Bob the marketing whiz and lots of other civic-minded heros made sure that all 10 competing sculptors had super sand, plenty of margaritas and a good good time.

With this sculpture I took on the challenge of making my sandpile suggest water. I think - to a certain extent - that I was successful. Might come back and explore this idea again some day...

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fountain top


Lucinda 'sandy feet" Wierenga - South Padre Island, TX


foutain fini

day one

end of day one...

day two

midway through day two , the dancers emerge...

lots of naked butts

5 hours later.

day 3

this is what things looked like on the beginning of the 3rd - and final -day


collapse!!! 10 minutes before lunch break


a waterfall is born


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