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Ft. Myers Beach, 11/7/99 - This was my first (and maybe last!) attempt to create an "interactive" sand sculpture. Throughout the 2-day contest, I erased and wrote in about 30 different names - taking audience requests.


see in-progress shots of this piece here

samba castle

Virginia Beach Neptunefest 9/99

The theme was "Carnival" and I had lots of fun with it.

See "in-progress" shots of this piece here.


World Championship 9/99 - "Eat at Joe's"

Weird. I know. Have to keep trying new things though!

See "in-progress" shots here.

eat at joes


Jesolo, Italy 6/99

War rages just across the Adriatic in Kosovo. Peace is declared just days before the contest begins.

Conceived of as a representation of the road to peace and hope to illustrate the difficulties encountered on this journey, the false shortcuts, broken bridges and dead ends that await those who would make this trip.

Because I am working with sand, I must start with the journey's final destination and work backwards.

On my sign, I have included an Italian translation of a quote by G.B. Shaw: "Peace is not only better than war, is it also infinitely more arduous."

See pictures and discussion of this work in progress here.

Jesolo 99 b


Port Aransas - 4/99

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sudden impact graphic

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