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my pile

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Gentlemen (and Lady) - Start Your Shovels!

To form or not to form? That is the question. They are sitting there on my plot with their shiny new C clamps and concrete tamper beckoning me, but I decline. A big contest like this is a bad time to try something that is still pretty new to me so one more time I stand apart from the box pounders and start stacking my happy sand.

Got my collapse out of the way on the first day - a minor setback that doesn't mean much this early in the game.

Right: After the recovery from my collapse, this is what I had when we broke for lunch. Not terribly impressive I am afraid.

Below: Was feeling better about things when I finished up for the day.

lunch break

end day 1

The title of this piece is "Journey" (Viaggio). I conceive it as a representation of the road to peace and hope to illustrate the arduousness of the travel, the false shortcuts, broken bridges and dead ends that await those who would make this trip.

Because I am working with sand, I must start with the journy's end destination and work backwards.

On my sign, I have included an Italian translation of a quote by G.B. Shaw: "Peace is not only better than war, is it also infinitely more arduous."

Note: Here on my pages you will find mostly photos of my piece. To see more photos of the other sculptors' pieces, go here.


Left: Leo at work

Below: Dave from Holland is on a neighboring plot


After dinner, we all go back to Terrazza Mare for something to do with Diesal clothing that I never quite figured out -- but the bottom line is the event is courting them as a potential sponsor. Some of us got quite drunk and stayed out too late. I am happy to report I was not one of them.

Below: a party boat cruising by Terrazza Mare.

pirate boat
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