sand sculpture by sandy feet

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Moonrise at the Temple of the Moon Gazers

World Championship, 9/98

See "in progress" shots of this sculpture here.

feet too
Aquatennial - 7/27/97

Best Buy is Cool! They flew me up to Minneapolis to coach their first attempt at competitive sand sculpture and managed to garner the coveted (we think) "Princess Award" for their efforts. Nice job, guys!

(Do you remember seeing Amazin' and I in their TV ad? It ran for the better part of a year.)

Corpus Christi C-101 C-Sculptures 6/8/96

"Moon Over Padre" - My first solo victory!

More pics here

"Sand Castle: Click Here"

World Championship 1996 - Winner of the first ever "Best Handstacked" Award. [more pics]

computer detail

Fort Myers Beach 1995


World Championship in Harrison Hot Springs, B.C. 1994 - 3 person team with Amazin' Walter and the Grateful Dunehead. The photo shows the section that I carved.

Fort Myers Beach 1994 - My first solo entry


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