sand sculpture by sandy feet

competitive sand sculpture photos - 2005

Port Aransas Sandfest 4/05

"'iPod nAtion"

Hampton Beach 6/05

"My Inner Child Doesn't Do Spreadsheets"

Revere Beach 07/05


Port Angeles 7/05

"ALWAYS Look a Gifthorse in the Mouth"

Quebec Expocite 8/05

"Tiki Time"

World Championship - Duo with Fred Mallett 9/05

"Time Pieces"

World Championship - Solo 9/05

"What's Hiding Under Her Skirt"

South Padre Island Sandcastle Days 10/05

Stepping Outside of Myself

4th Place

Sandblasters 2005 - San Diego 12/05


with Suzanne Altamare

Team "Women in Black"


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