january Wags heads boldly into his 18th year

I buy a drum at the RGV Renaissance Faire - much pounding ensues

february an old love invites me to Hawaii. We buy ukuleles and start to make beautiful music together.

I like my uke so much, I start buying them for everyone around me as well... including the Amazin' one

march The old love is now firmly re-entrenched as the new improved love. A sand sculpture gig in Costa Rica allows us to fully experience some incredible scenery

april i pick up a cold while working in Houston and end up in the Galveston hospital with severe asthma. A 15 hour stay runs up a $10,000+ bill and there goes my IRA despost for 2006...

may I pay my first (of 3 this year) visit to Kirk's place in the redwoods of Santa Cruz. I now refer to this sweet little trailer as my West Coast Home


What a Difference a Year Makes...

365 little days

may Amazin' Walter and I team up again for the "Tournament of Champions" in Harrison Hot Springs, B.C.

june contest season kicks off with Hampton Beach and yes that is a ukulele she is playing...

Summer on the island! Nancy is splendidly kooky and some of my best times are spent hanging out with her

Detail from
"Everybody's Talkin' at Me" - contest piece at the Revere Beach, Boston competition (and possibly my favorite thing I built in 2006)

july meet Peach! the newest love of my life....

Sam lights a fire at the end-of-the-road full moon beach party and a most excellent new tradition is started. Core members: Sam & Lori Wells, Nancy Marsden & sandy feet

Detail of "Shine on Harvest Moon" - I carved this in Port Angeles, WA. I seem to be drawing much of my inspiration from songs these days...

august Kirk and I spend 10 glorious days at the cottage on Glen Lake - that's me and my Dad talking about this and that...

... and my nephews all get ukes too!

Goodbye Joe - You will be missed forever...

september Kirk and I team up for Sand Blasters 2007 as Team "Trowel & Error." We make beautiful musical sculpture together.

october Christy shares a chord with Sam -- the Saturn Street Strummers spread ukulele goodness everywhere they go!

Peach unleashed!

november Kirk starts some home improvement projects at his Gulf Coast Home

I turn 49 and my girlfriends are there to make sure I don't have to go it alone

december Merry Martini specifys black white and silver as the season's colors. I forego the little black dress for a sparkly political statement

I spend a night - and rebuild Toasty - on Berry Island (privately owned, off the coast of Ingleside, TX)

Wags proves he has more staying power then just about anyone else in my life and lives to help me celebrate one more Christmas



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