Hurray for Golden Gal Limo Service!


Dance. Leap. Crash.

At last a new book.
and with a nice heft
Glowing reviews on and
the publisher seems
guardedly optimistic.

But Ellen gives it a miss
What happened to the Today Show? I thought that was a done deal!)
I study at making it a best seller
at a time.

Next year they will be reading it in German.

Pause. Observe. Reflect.

A no-show contest partner
An e-mail of dismissal
The four-year-long relationship
Spiraling down the crapper.
My successor -
a disappointing mediocrity -
already installed.

You were too much work, anyway.
We have said our goodbyes
Yet still you remain
That friendly ghost upstairs.

& I have you to thank for

  • a renewed interest in my piano
  • a new partnership with Suzanne
  • my new jeans - size 4p!

Build. Explode. Rebuild.

A sand sculpture's temporary nature
is an integral part of its charm. (These people know.) ------->

Go ahead -

Blast that mother into orbit --

There will still be
plenty of material left
For (re)creating
Bigger Better Badder Bolder

With a new lover
Or perhaps an old one

The old dog gets older and more infirm
He whines softly for hours at a time.
Late night walks give us both some relief.
When does one say goodbye?
Not while he is still relishing his supper, I reckon.

Martin Luther King Day
We built those stairs to the hot tub



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