December, 2001

'Twas the week before Christmas and down on South Padre,
Bright lights were twinkling all along the Laguna Madre
The gifts had been labeled and wrapped up with twine,
In hopes that the P.O. wouldn't have a long line.

The locals were finishing off cocktail weenies
With visions of white elephants and merry martinis
And grandma and grandpa in their loaded 4x4
Had just settled in for a winter by the shore

When out on the beach came such a great shout
That me and the dogs just had to check it out
Over to access sixteen we did run
(I wished I'd brought shades, so bright was the sun!)

The reflection of light off the rising tide
Led me to wonder - when would it subside?
And there did our wondering eyes finally land
On a beautiful castle, made wholly of sand.

With a white-bearded elf whose hands didn't falter
I knew right away, it must be Amazin' Walter!
More rapid than seagulls, the spectators they came
And he smiled and waved and called them by name:

Yo Stuart, and Dolores! Hey Dennis and Dune!
Hi Christy! Steve Gomez -- get better real soon!
At the top of the sand pile is where we will meet
And then dash away all to brunch with sandy feet!

Hope the new year finds you healthy, happy and satisfied with your lot.

-- merry christmas from feets, wags and phoebe!