Oh No.

Oh Yes. I am sorry, but this is another one of those awful "year in review" kinda things like the ones your Aunt Mary used to subject the extended family to every year. But there is an important difference:
No Trees Were Killed to Produce This Newsletter!

Also, you don't have to read it. Really. I will never know. I just think it may be a good idea to kind of summarize the year for myself. I guess you could say -- when it comes right down to it -- that I am doing this more for me then for you. The way I do my travelogues to help me remember where I have been and what I have seen.

2003: Ranked on a scale of 1-10


2003: The Highlights

I finally gave up my long-running affair with tobacco (one full year & counting!) -- and started a new relationship with the elliptical at Sunset health club. I acquired health insurance after going nearly 20 (incredibly lucky) relatively healthy years without. This was the year of the iPod and the G5 and the year I pretty much quit writing for local publications (with the exception of the piece I did about gray hair - which has in fact been googled quite intensely and inspired much positive e-mail from people I have never met.) The year People magazine noticed I had a cool job. The year they finally ran that thing about the SoBs on Ripley's Believe It or Not. This was my first full year as a homeowner and my first refinancing. My first brand new refrigerator! We got another pair of rooms tiled and painted (four down - two plus a hallway to go) and the new Dedicated SoB Order Fulfillment Center found a home.

2003: The Biggest Adventure

A month-long epic journey with Fred to Corpus Christi-Chicago-Glen Lake (MI)-Rome-Riccione-Cinque Terre-Florence-Siena-Trieste-Bari-Dubrovnik-Island of Hvar-Cervia-Rome (whew)
We helped Mom& Dad Feets celebrate 50 years o' Wedded Bliss. We saw some amazing things, had a few tense moments but mostly discovered that we were capable of spending long stretches of time in each others company without too much fussin' and fightin'.

2003: Notable Sand Sculpture

  • Port Aransas: "Triangle"*
  • Cervia (Italy - Duo): Fred & I take 2nd place (jury) and 3rd place (peoples choice) with "Uninvited Guest" **
  • World Championship (Canada, team): Sons of the Beach take Best Architecture award with "Temple of the Beach Goddess"
  • North American Championship (Virginia Beach, Duo): Fred & I take 2nd place and Sculptors Choice with "Dream Time"

* My favorite solo piece for the year - didn't place, of course
**My favorite sand sculpture of the year, maybe of all time

2003: New Web Sites

2003: A Word For My Sponsors

Special thanks to ---

Sister Deb for all her hard work on the sand sculpture book proposal - I am still confident that something good is going to come of our efforts!

Ray-Bo for being such a great house and dog sitter that I could feel perfectly comfortable spending a month on the road

Regis & Kelly - for inviting me to the Bahamas in 2002, then paying me all over again when they broadcast the reruns in 2003

Schlitterbahn for bringing my favorite sand sculpting friends down to SPI to work at the (ultimately doomed) sand sculpture garden

Amazin' Walter for the post-breakfast "business meetings" at my kitchen table which never fail to inspire and entertain

Mom & Dad Feets - for their ongoing love and support and Sunday dinners at the condo

Phoebe and Wags for making me go to the beach every day, being such faithful pals -- and growing old so gracefully

My Fred for all the help making my home office so comfortable and functional; for keeping the SoB server safe and secure; for helping me score my first-ever "sculptors choice" award; for the way-cool driftwood furniture in my back yard; for Suzi-Twozi; for the dozens of small ways he shows me how much he cares for me and my animals each and every day.