Event: North American Championship

Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Dates: Sept. 25-27, 2003

Place: Second - Teams Division & Sculptors Choice!

Particulars: Did that naughty dog climb back in bed with Joey? There's just no keeping him out of there, I reckon. While the two of them snooze back to back, their respective dreams - and nightmares - start getting a little bit mixed up with each other...

This sculpture seemed to strike a real resonance with the spectators -- we heard a lot of "that's just like you and Daisy/Apollo/Alex/Sadie!" type exclamations. (Dogs were not allowed in the house -- much less on the bed -- while I was growing up. There are some real perks to growing up and being able to make your own house rules, hey?)

As many years as I have been competing, this is my first time ever to win a Sculptors Choice award and it is a special one indeed. Thanks to the sculptors who voted for us and special thanks to my partner Fred for helping me to finally achieve this milestone.

We had multiple collapses this year but so did just about everyone else on the beach. We were very happy that Virginia Beach pulled the 30th annual Neptune Festival off mere days after getting bashed by Hurricane Isabel... kudos VB (and thanks for the biggest purse I/we have ever won at a contest)!

Last year's second-place sculpture: click here
More Pictures at Fred's Site: click here


Lucinda "sandy feet" Wierenga and Fred Mallett - South Padre Island, TX

"Dream Time"

da geek



before the fall

2nd attempt



Dream Time

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