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Here on beautiful South Padre Island there are some days when the sun fails to shine, when the wind blows too hard (for everyone but the wind surfers), when the temperatures fail to reach the 70's, and when potential sandcastle students stay home.We have fewer of these kinds of days than do most other parts of the nation, but winter is my least-favorite time to be a professional sand sculptor.The bills need paying no matter what the weather might be doing.

So I build - and maintain - web-sites. I really enjoy this kind of work. I have the writer credentials and have been told I have an eye for design. Below you will find links to other sites I have created - some of which have been around since 1995.

I can do one for you, too!


 E-mail Me today - have your page up and running manana!

(Remembering of course that on the island "manana" doesn't necessarily mean "tomorrow", it just means "not today!")

This is me in my office - 6/10/03

From the Archives: This is me with my first Mac, a Plus - 1985, I believe.

I currently use a G4 Tower (Quicksilver) in the office; a G3 iBook (icebook) on the road; and a 15 gig iPod on the sandpile.

See other great Mac systems I have used and loved in my various office spaces here!

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