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Create/Maintain Your Web-Site

Prices are for comparison purposes only as each job is so different - and do not include domain, server or set-up fees.

Homepage by the Foot: First Foot - using your artwork and content  $100
each additional foot 
Simple Change $10
More Complicated Change  $50/hour
Banner Design  $50/hour - 1 hour min.
Page Maintenance/Updates $100/mnth or $50/hr -- depending on what's required 
Design work $50/hr
Digital Photography - includes photos on disc  $50/hour - 1 hour min.

Place your domain on the SoB Virtual Server

I will design your page - or place your existing page - on our virtual server at -- for less than you'd think!

domain name $20/yr
set-up fee $30
up to 10 mb of space $20/month (6 month minimum, paid in advance)
additional mb extremely reasonable

Also Available: log-reader, guestbook, pop e-mail account with autoresponders and aliases and your own ftp account if you want it.... plus lots of other goodies.

Advertise your SPI Area Business @

... pricesheet

Other Stuff...

biz card Site creation, make-overs, face-lifts, etc. etc. I do them all! E-mail for more info or give me a call at 956-761-6222 and if you are in the SPI area I will set up a FREE consultation with you - no strings attached.
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