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Atlantis 3 - updated 3/1/02

ready for Art

Getting ready to bury Art

finishing touches

Burial commences

Trying to make a lovely mermaid from a very large man...


Ethan helps me with the pearl necklace

Tuesday (live) and Thurs. (taped)

for now, the pictures will have to tell the story...

Ethan the survivor with grapes.

ethan and grapes

Art is a good sport...

the tension builds

Atlantis Architecture - incredibly whimsical and inventive, the walk through "the dig" was a highlight -- jelly fish and eels and tank after tank of exotic sealife -- and Fred knew all the names of pretty much everthing we saw.

celebrity wave

"Celebrity Wave" from left: Ethan, (?), Jennifer Love Hewitt, Regis, Kelly, me, Howie and Riley Mandel

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