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updated 3/1/02

room service breakfast

Sunday morning breakfast (trying to use up my $150 per diem allowance -- this used about $50 of it...)

LIVE Producer David Mullins


The "Help" doing what they do best (the ol' shovel lean.) Fred shoveled circles around them


If Atlantian children had built sand castles, this is probably what they would have looked like...

The arched part of the hotel was the site of the cocktail party we were invited to by Regis and Kelly on Monday night.

Testing the Sand

At Fred's suggestion, I arranged to arrive a full day ahead to get a feel for the local sand. We arrived fairly late on Sat. - checked into our room at the Atlantis and met David, the guy who found me on the web. We lost a few (very few, actually) bucks in the casino, dined at the sushi bar there and called it an early night.

the plot

This was the piece of beach I would call home for the next few days. I was glad Fred had talked me into bringing my feet banner - it flew proudly throughout the filming.

first tower

In addition to moving a WHOLE BUNCH of sand, Fred did most of the documenting of this leg of the trip. As you can see, he took a lot of pictures and I am still in the process of sorting through for the best of them.

braiding huts

Behind me are the huts of the hair braiders. I was able to make some use of their services on Tues.


The sand worked far better than I had feared it would. I did have a couple of scary collapses, but once I learned to let the sand drain some before removing the forms, I encountered no further problems.

Celebrity reports abound. John Travolta is here but I haven't seen him. I do meet Howie Mandel and his 9-year old daughter Riley. He is a very friendly guy and ends up becoming something of a "buddy" as the week progresses.

At about 1 AM Fred - a light sleeper - notices an envelope being slipped under the door. It turns out to be an invitation to a cocktail party scheduled for Monday night in the suite pictured at left - the archway connecting the two big towers.

I immediately start agonizing over what I should wear. Of course.

firsst day's work

A good day's work.

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