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updated 3/4/02

finishing touches

Monday morning - I got to the site early and put some finishing touches on Sunday's build. The section I am working on here would later turn into Wed.'s lighthouse/boat.

Monday's live piece was this tippling octopus


The obligatory "chat with the sand sculptor" part of Monday's show


The lighthouse/boat that would air on Wed.

The Wed. show chat (mind you, this is still Monday - no wonder I was so confused as to what day it was the whole time I was there.)

Everything I carved continued to stand the whole time we were there - quite amazing!

Monday (live) and Wed. (taped)

We were on the beach by 7 AM, gearing up for the first two shows.

Fred did some carving too...

Fred carves too

More visiting with Howie and Riley...

with Howie

the tension builds

pre show jitters

Cocktail Party - Weird to go to a party where the only person I knew was -- Howie Mandel. Zebra striped women (one horizontal, one vertical) deep in conversation; who are the celebrities? Jennifer Love Hewitt - very skinny and pale and she has little flowers with pearls painted on her toe nails. Ethan (Zahn? Winner of the latest Survivor show) has very pretty curls and everyone wanted her picture taken with him. Chocolate dipped strawberies dressed in tuxedos and cold, tasteless fried shrimp. Regis and Kelly posing for a seemingly endless line of photos with just about everyone there (except us - didn't bother with a camera).

Snippets of conversation -- "my new movie comes out June 7." "Yeah, I got invited to the grammies -- but not as a presenter or anything."


After the day's filming was over, I transformed the heirodome into a TV set.


WEd piece

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