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Tentative Itinerary June 2 - 24, 1999

Last year, my trip to Europe was wonderful. I had a great traveling companion and I got to see a lot of places I have always wanted to see. But I was frustrated by the fact that we spent so much time traveling and not enough time experiencing the places I was visiting. Why did I do that? Mainly because I was unsure if I would ever again have the opportunity to see that part of the world.

Well, fate is kind and I get to go back, and this time I'm doing things different. I am going to stay in Italy and concentrate on the two areas I never got to see last year: Rome and the Amalfi Coast. I considered stopping in Florence for a couple of days, but even that seemed too frantic for this laid-back SoB. I want to stay in one place long enough to meet people and make new friends. Plus, the juxtaposition of busy bustling Rome with a few days on a lovely, serene Mediterranian beach strikes me as a nice balance.

June 2 - Departure from Harlingen Texas

June 3- Arrival in Venice's Marco Polo Airport, catch train for Rome

June 4-6 - Explore Roma!

June 6 - Train to Naples

June 6-11 - Positano and surrounding area

June 12 - Cesena, Leonardo and Azzurra's wedding

June 13 - Cervia

June 14-20 - Jesolo for International Sand Sculpting Competition

June 21-24 - Venice, then home

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